We are building and operating an Airbus-320-200-fixed-base-simulator. A flightdeck as real as possible – this is our goal.


Our Cockpit is driven by 8 computers. One high-end-system does the visualization, four computers are responsible for the displays, the operating system, to emulate the fly-by-wire and to ensure the connection to the EPIC-system. Two tablet-PCs serve as a moving-map / LPC-System. The eighth is used as a instructor station. The very complex operating system of the aircraft – including the fly-by-wire – is done by a sophisticated software developed by Aircraft Simulation Technology.

The visualization are based up onto Flight-Simulator X. We use three video projectors onto a 160 degree curved screen.

The hardware, that means the panels, switches and gauges, are partly made by FlightDeckSolutions ( and SimParts ( Many panels are handmade (Steffen Herberg, Horst Maron). Some switches and levers are made by Aircraft Simulation Technologies. We´re using a EPIC-USB-System (R&R Electronics) as an interface between the cockpit and the computers.

The simulator will be improved and modernized constantly. It includes the whole world, nearly every airfield can be used. We´re especially focussed on germany, the airports there are simulated very well. Using the internet, the system is able to generate a real copy of the momentary weather outside. Realistic air traffic is generated as well. The user is able to do all the “normal procedures” and many of the “abnormal procedures” specific to the A320.