3D-model of our flightdeck – the ultimate source for dimensions and drawing

Recently we have got more and more requirements for dimensions and drawings of the A320-cockpit. For this reason I bothered to create a 3D-drawing with the help of an appropriate tool.

You need the program Google Sketchup to use the data. Download this tool here free of charge.

The drawing is not a real detailed replica of the original A320 cockpit. In fact it is the best fit of all public data available at WWW supplemented with some calculated and indirect determined data.

The fact that our cockpit visible at several video clips has been built exactly from these data will make the project attractive I hope.

If you open the file A320-3D.skp with Sketchup.exe you are able to move, rotate and zoom the cockpit in all directions and so you can perform a virtual tour. I abstained from dimensioning because the model would become confusing. But with help of several tools (dimensioning, angle determing, see figure) you can do ist yourself at any position. The sliding window has been copied within the file in an orthogonal position to make it easier to perform the dimensioning.

Certainly the drawing does not contain all details of the cockpit. I have limited myself to the main parts necessary for the construction itself.

All contained information are for simulation perpuse only. It may not been used in real aviation

You can get the file for special request and paying a nominal charge. We send the file per eMail (file size 480 kB) to your address and with first name and second name. Each file get a water marc with your personally data.