Preview to 2012…

In 2011 the momentum of our project was lost a little bit – due to personal reasons. Anyway we finished the work on the overhead panel, which was a huge step forward.
We are now waiting for both the radios. The second MCDU is delayed some months into 2012 because first we have to do another big step (a feared one):
The update from FS9 to FSX.
First we have to build a computer which is able to drive FSX + AddOns on a TrippleHead2Go with 3 undocked views for true 160° field of view with no less than 20 FPS worst case.
We will see, if 4.5+ GHz on a i7 (no water cooling) works stable not only for some benchmarks but for hours, days and weeks.

But there is more to come… One of our biggest problems today is, that some parts and prototypes are not good enough to withstand the stress of daily service. Some other parts are simply old – remember, the project started in 2006.
So we have to do some rework, mainly for the throttles and the MIP but also for other parts to accomplish the desired quality standard of the whole flightdeck.

Besides there are many small improvements and bugfixes to do in our software.

The challenge is to obtain the airworthiness during this reworks, which sometimes will be a organizational nightmare.

So 2012 will be an interesting year for us. I will proceed to provide you with updates of whats going on.